Our Sustainability Approach

We focus on building a responsible and sustainable supply chain that will support communities, climate goals, and zero-waste strategies. We are here to bring sustainable solutions and highlight game-changing innovations for the future with our flexible and agile service approach as your solution partner.

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Digital Solutions

We provide digital presentations of patterns to reduce our environmental footprint.

Flexible Options

We prioritize flexible options for our ready-made home textile products to encourage conscious practice in the textile industry.


We engage in active dialogue with our customers to offer a collaborative design approach to the textile business.

Our Conscious Production Approach

We focus on sustainable, environmentally conscious production with our zero-waste target and strengthen our abilities with innovation, research, and development.

Sustainable Compositions

We develop and produce our fabrics with sustainable cores, including recycled polyester and cotton, linen, lyocell, and bamboo.

Conscious Production

Our production facility and long-term supply chain partners are equipped with sustainable technologies that enable energy and water efficiency, lower chemical consumption, and environmental footprint.

Social Responsibility

We support and create awareness in our region for an ethical and healthy work environment and future.



Rainwater Harvesting System

We collect, store and purify rainwater to reuse
during our production.

Efficient Filtering Technology

We equipped our machinery with a new filtering
technology that allows us to consume less water.

Closed System

We reuse %100 cooling water this the closed
system in the dyehouse.

Watewater Management

We embrace wastewater management practices
that allow us to save water during mercerizing,
bleching, and softening process.


Solar Energy System

We aim to use solar power to generate elec
tricity for our weaving facility.

LED Lighting

We utilize LED lighting to consume less
energy and lower the CO2 emissions that
come with electricity production.


We have head insulation that allows us to
reuce heat loss and reduce our energy


finishing process to optimally benefit
from daylight.

Social Responsibility

We support our community by generating employment in our region and creating an ethical and healthy workplace that embraces international standards.

We place the utmost importance on education. We continuously provide workplace education and training to our employees and support NGOs and universities.

We work towards raising environmental awareness by supporting NGOs for the protection of our planet, natural habitats, and people.

Our Certifications